Blogging Rite of Passage

I haven’t even been blogging very long, but I already came to a point where I needed to search my own blog for a piece of code.

I used to give Chris Toohey a hard time about this frequently when he would search the web for a solution and end up finding it on his own blog, but I’m starting to understand. 🙂

I also noticed that Paul Withers alluded to the same thing in a comment in this post on Mark Roden’s blog

How often has this happened to you?


2 responses to “Blogging Rite of Passage”

  1. MarkyRoden says :

    Absolutely – I use my blog for reference ALL the time. It is also that you don’t necessarily need to find yourself in a google search, but when I know I wrote something for the blog I can go and steal it from there. We all keep *coughs* code snippets*coughs* shall we say from our previous work lives – now they are just stored on the blog and not on a hard drive.

  2. DavidLeedy (@DavidLeedy) says :

    This happens to me ALL THE TIME for my videos. Wether it’s from a contributor or I’m doing it myself. Heck half of notesIn9 is documentation really, so I know where to go when I forget how to do something. Blogging is the same thing really. nothing wrong with that. It’s all documentation.

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