My First NotesIn9 Episode

My first NotesIn9 episode has been posted: Jailbreak Your XPages View Columns

In the episode, I talk about several ways to enhance the output of columns in a view panel, which, by default, just displays text from an underlying view column. Fortunately, there are several options to customize it:

  • Computing a column value with SSJS
  • Passing HTML through a view column
  • Passing JavaScript through a view column
  • Mixing SSJS, HTML, and client-side JavaScript to retrieve back-end data and generate client-side output
  • Hijacking a view column to take complete control of its output

There are demonstrations of hijacking a view column output by displaying an iFrame within a view column as well as rendering a dojo chart within each row, reading data from the underlying documents and using it to generate the chart with client-side dojo code.

The chart uses a custom control, so there is also discussion about using custom control properties as well as using the “#{javascript: }” syntax to evaluate server-side statements into client-side javascript code.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

And if you’ve ever considered contributing to NotesIn9 — go for it! David Leedy is a pleasure to work with and he provided all the information that I needed to make this happen as easily as possible.


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