Article Published in The View: Flexible Form Validation in XPages

My article on creating a flexible form validation model in XPages has been published in The View (subscription required). It describes a model can handle complex validation rules, but still provides ease of maintenance by being centralized and structured in a highly-readable manner.


Form validation plays a large part in enforcing data integrity in your applications. It is important to properly implement validation logic, but managing all the rules can be complicated, especially if the logic is spread over a large number of locations.

This article discusses the shortfalls of existing validation methods and demonstrates tactics to lower costs for development and maintenance by implementing a flexible custom XPages validation framework that has a well-organized structure.


An excerpt from the article has been published on


One response to “Article Published in The View: Flexible Form Validation in XPages”

  1. LeonMatthys☺ says :

    Unfortunately, the link is dead. Would’ve been nice to see the post within your blog. Is it lost forever?

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