NotesIn9 Episode 120 – XPages Data View Control Part 2: Customization

The second part of my two-part video series on the XPages Data View control has been published on NotesIn9. This episode focuses on how to take advantage of the flexibility of the control in order customize the display and add useful features.

Here’s a list of the topics covered in the video:

  • Customized Summary
  • Customized Details
  • Custom Link to Expand/Collapse Details on MouseOver/MouseOut (if details preloaded)
  • Pager Add Rows Control
  • Pager Save State Control
  • Search
  • Multiple Column Layout

4 responses to “NotesIn9 Episode 120 – XPages Data View Control Part 2: Customization”

  1. Ursus Schneider says :

    Hi Brad – thank you for episode 120 on Notesin9 – DataView customization – could you possibly send me your database – I’m doing something wrong but cannot seem to find the problem, maybe if I could look at your working example I would find my error. Thank you in advance

  2. Marcus says :

    Hi Brad! Great job! I´m reading all you series! In this article could you send me the sample database?

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