Working around a SourceTree Error with Hg Flow

While testing out SourceTree with a current project after watching David Leedy’s great NotesIn9 episode on the subject I came across an error when I first tried to start Hg Flow, so I want to document how to fix it in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

The error I received was, “abort: No module named ConfigParser!”.


Fortunately, someone has already documented a fix for this error:

I followed the steps in that blog post and it worked.

FWIW – When I installed SourceTree, I selected the options to install both Git and Mercurial within it. However, it is important to note that I previously installed Mercurial binaries and have been using that plugin in DDE, so I’m not sure whether that is related.


2 responses to “Working around a SourceTree Error with Hg Flow”

  1. qtzar says :

    in the SourceTree config on the mercurial page switch to using the embedded mercurial and this issue goes away because the embedded mercurial is a few versions older and the ConfigParser python module had not been removed at that stage.

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