Published in The VIEW: Article on Reusable Message Display Control for XPages

The first article of a two-part series by myself and the estimable Troy Reimer has been published in The VIEW. (Subscription Required)

Reusable and Consistent Message Displays in XPages Part 1: Inline Messages

The goal is to provide an easy way to display consistent messages to the user with a single line of code, but to style them and fit inline them within the application in a way that looks much better than, say, a client-side JavaScript popup. This article shows how you can easily display all 4 types of OneUI-styled messages (Confirmation, Error, Warning, Info) at any time and from any page in the application.

Part 2 will demonstrate reusable message controls that function as dialogs — one with OneUI styling and one with a Twitter Bootstrap modal.


The separation of client-side and server-side logic in XPages (read: web) applications increases the complexity of communicating consistently with users. In this series, we demonstrate several implementations of reusable message controls that save development time by being easy to implement and help improve the user experience by providing consistently formatted inline messages. Options include OneUI and Twitter Bootstrap styling as well as client-side and/or server-side triggers, so you can choose what works best for your application.


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