I want to hear what YOU have to say

Last week was a whirlwind. It was my second time at Lotusphere/Connect, but it was vastly different from the first time. As I reflect on the conference and the year leading up to it, I’m blown away at how it was an amazing experience just because I decided to start sharing my thoughts and ideas on a blog.

Within a year, blogging opened the door for me to share on NotesIn9, write for The VIEW journal, and speak at conferences and webinars, culminating in the great honors of both speaking at Connect for the first time and being named an IBM Champion.

All of that says a lot about this great community. It is not a closed group seeking to keep others out. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Many well-known bloggers and IBM Champions are more than willing to send the elevator back down and help you, because someone helped them at some point. (I can verify this from experience because at least a half dozen IBM Champions encouraged me to get started.) And once you connect online or in person, they are very welcoming.

David Leedy will not only (strongly!) encourage you to share, but he’ll go a step beyond that and provide a forum for a lot of people to hear you. If you’re not blogging yet, read and then re-read this post from Mark Roden (including the comments) and be encouraged to get started.

There is already a diverse group of great bloggers already contributing to the community, but I have no doubt that there are many, many more future bloggers who have great ideas to share.

Write down what you know and shared it — we’ll all benefit!


2 responses to “I want to hear what YOU have to say”

  1. Paul Withers (@PaulSWithers) says :

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve searched for an answer for something and found my own blog. If I can’t find an answer or can’t find it easily, I try to blog about it. If I search again for the same thing and haven’t blogged about it already, I blog about it ASAP.

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