Dojo in XPages – 24: Using a LightboxNano to Display an Attached Image

In the last post, I showed how to create a Lightbox dialog that allows you to cycle through a group of images. In this post, I’ll show how you can create a simpler version that displays a single image with the LightboxNano module.

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LightboxNano is a lightweight version of a lightbox, designed to display a single image and focus on it by providing an overlay on the rest of the screen.


The control is designed to display a thumbnail and preload the larger image (after a few seconds) so it’s ready to display in full size. It automatically resizes the image as needed to ensure that it fits within the browser window.

From the point where you click on the thumbnail, it provides a nice animation to enlarge and center the full image, leaving a small dotted outline in place of the thumbnail. Clicking anywhere on the page will close the image, providing the reverse animation to shrink the image and move it back to the spot of the original link.

Here are a few screen captures of the animation.




In this example, I’ll show how to create a LightboxNano from the first image attached to a document. If you have large images, you can modify it to use a thumbnail version and load the full version asynchronously.

1) Include the Required Dojo Module

All you need is the dojox.image.LightboxNano module

  <xp:dojoModule name="dojox.image.LightboxNano"></xp:dojoModule>

2) Add a thumbnail image to the page

Use an Image control to define the path to the image. This example computes the image path for the first file attachment.

<xp:image id="lbNanoImage" style="height:50px;width:50px">
    <![CDATA[#{javascript:return './0/' + currentDocument.getDocument().getUniversalID() + '/$File/' + @AttachmentNames()[0];}]]>

I used inline styles to size the image; otherwise it would display full-sized.

3) Create the Lightbox

With a few lines of code, you can build the image file path with client-side JavaScript and instantiate the LightboxNano.

This code should run on the onClientLoad event of the page.

// Build the URL for the first attachment in this format: DB.nsf.nsf/0/docUNID/$File/attachmentname
var fileName =	"#{javascript:@AttachmentNames()[0];}";
var docID = "#{javascript:currentDocument.getDocument().getUniversalID()}";

// Initialize the LightboxNano and provide the full URL and the id of the image tag displaying the thumbnail
new dojox.image.LightboxNano({
  href: './0/' + docID + '/$File/' + fileName
}, "#{id:lbNanoImage}");

Since this example creates the LightboxNano programmatically (rather than declaratively), you do not need to set the pages parseOnLoad property to automatically render the LightboxNano.


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  1. Anja says :

    Everything is very open with a precise explanation of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is extremely helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!

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