Article Published in The VIEW: Extending Localization in XPages

The second part of a 2-part series on localization that Kathy Brown and I co-wrote has been published in The VIEW journal (subscription required). Part 1 showed how to get started with XPages Localization and part 2 shows how to extend XPages localization to handle things that the built-in localization functionality does not handle.


The enterprise is global; business doesn’t only happen in your native language. It is not practical to expect everyone to speak the same language to use your applications.

The first article in this series showed how to enable localization and use the built-in features of XPages to set up translations for all hard-coded values. Part 1 demonstrated a few features that browsers handle for you automatically and explained how to enable and use the built-in features of XPages.

When you started developing in XPages, you likely saw the blue diamond next to virtually every property to compute it. Unfortunately, built-in localization features do not handle those computed values. This article shows how to enhance localization and provides additional tips and tricks for localization support.



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