XPages Tip: Adding Custom Controls to a Separate Drawer in the Controls Palette

When looking at the Controls Palette in Domino Designer, there is a ‘Custom Controls’ drawer that is automatically populated with all custom controls in the current application. In this post, I’ll show how you can better organize your custom controls by displaying them in additional drawers.

The Custom Controls Drawer

Here’s an example: in this test database I have 5 custom controls. They are automatically added to the ‘Custom Controls’ drawer in the Controls Palette.


Creating a New Drawer in the Controls Palette

If you want to organize one or more custom controls into a separate drawer, you can set the Category property on the custom control’s properties panel.


Now, this custom control will be displayed separately in the controls palette.


If you have a large application with a lot of elements, this feature can be helpful in keeping groups of controls together. One great way to use it is to group related controls that are all required together to implement a feature so it’s easy to tell what you need to add to a page in order to make it work.



3 responses to “XPages Tip: Adding Custom Controls to a Separate Drawer in the Controls Palette”

  1. palmi says :

    Great tip – thanks

  2. bryanschmiedeler says :

    This is probably not possible, but worth a stab.

    Why, oh why, are some of the entries in custom controls in alphabetical order and some are not? And is there any way to change this behavior. SO VERY ANNOYING.

    • Brad Balassaitis says :

      It is strange, but there is a pattern.

      In the Custom Controls design element list, they’re in alphabetical order, but in the Custom Controls drawer (and any additional drawers that you add) in the Controls palette, the order is case-sensitive, with capital letters taking precedence.

      In the design element list, I see controls in this order: CC0, cc1, cc2, CC3, myCC, MYCC2.

      In the Custom Controls palette drawer, I see them in this order: CC0, CC3, MYCC2, cc1, cc2, myCC

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