Monitor Source Control Synchronization with the Console View in DDE

If you’d like to monitor the synchronization of an application with the local source control repository, you can use the Console view in Domino Designer. In this post, I’ll show different kinds of helpful information that the view displays.

Console View

If you’re using source control, the Console view displays information about the synchronization of design elements between the NSF and the (source control) on-disk repository.

This can be helpful to see what’s going on if your DDE client is responding slowly (and may help you decide whether you want to enable or disable automatic synchronization). It may also be helpful in tracking down the creation of the dreaded .orig files.

Opening the Console View

Select Window > Show eclipse views > Other...

Blog - Console Sync - Add 1

Under General, select Console

Blog - Console Sync - Add 2

Console Output

When you open an application in DDE, you’ll see the console start the synchronization process. (There’s even a misspelling to keep the grammar cops on alert.)

Console - Show initial synch

When you update an existing design element, you see that it exports the change to the on-disk repository (for the .xsp and related .xsp-config file).

Console - Show Element Modified

When you add a new design element, it creates the .xsp, .xsp.metadata, and .xsp-config files in the on-disk repository.

Console - Show Element Added

Automatic Synchronization

If you have automatic synchronization enabled, it will happen when the application is built. (If you have Build Automatically enabled, it will happen automatically. Otherwise, it’ll happen when you build the application.)

These two properties in the Domino Designer preferences determine whether synchronization is automatic:
Console - DDE Prefs - Auto Sync


Simple Sync Conflicts

If you’ve seen a popup like this, then there is a synchronization conflict:

Blog - Console Sync Conflict

Here’s the corresponding message in the Console view:

Nsf file AppProperties/ and disk file AppProperties/ both have been updated since last sync or are never synced:Wed Aug 20 20:17:36 EDT 2014

It indicates a conflict and it’s making it easy for you to choose how to resolve it. You can also see evidence of this in the Console view. I tend to see this often with the (because the time stamps are always being modified). This type of popup is displayed when you synchronize with source control before opening the application in DDE. (If you modify the same element as someone else, conflicts will show up differently when you try to commit changes within your source control plugin or application.)

One View – Multiple Uses

The Console view is displayed as Console (DDE Sync Console) when displaying source control sync information. You can also switch it to be used as a Java stack trace console by via the Display Selected Console icon.


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