XPages Tip: Select a Working Set in Package Explorer (and Navigator)

If you’ve been using Domino Designer for any length of time, you’re likely aware that you can group your applications into Working Sets in the Applications view. But did you know that you can do the same thing in the Package Explorer and Navigator views?

Working Sets in the Applications View

Here’s what it looks like to select a working set in the Applications view in DDE:

Blog - Package Explorer - 1

You can choose one or select the Multiple... option to select multiple working sets.

Working Sets in the Package Explorer View

Until recently, I didn’t realize that I could make a similar selection in the Package Explorer view. I always just saw it as annoying that I had to dig through every NSF I’ve worked on until I looked around for this option.

If you click on the icon with 3 horizontal gray lines, you get this drop-down:

Blog - Package Explorer - 2 - None Selected

You can select a single working set or choose the magic Window Working Set option to have the Package Explorer databases automatically updated based on your working set selection in the Applications view.

Blog - Package Explorer - 3 - Window Working Set Selected

If you want to disable this option and show them all, you can select Deselect Working Set from the menu.

Working Sets in the Navigator View

Interestingly, you can also choose a working set in the Navigator view, but the options are more limited; there’s no option to link it up with the current working set.

Blog - Package Explorer - 4 - Navigator


3 responses to “XPages Tip: Select a Working Set in Package Explorer (and Navigator)”

  1. Lars Berntrop-Bos says :

    If you click ‘Select Working Set…’ in the navigator set menu, you can select ‘Window Working sets’. When you select another working set in the Applications view, the navigator pane will be updated.

  2. Brad Balassaitis says :

    Adding a good point that David Leedy made — when you select a working set, it only shows the NSFs in that working set, so it will not display the source control repositories. If you access them from Package Explorer, then you’d need to deselect the working set filter.

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