Article Published in The VIEW: Improve Application Performance with JSON-RPC

An article that I wrote on improving XPages application performance using JSON RPC has been published in The VIEW journal (subscription required).

One of the best-kept secrets of XPages is JSON-RPC control. It is the ideal solution for application developers who want:

  • Their XPages applications to be more efficient and run faster
  • To easily implement client-side and server-side JavaScript interaction


If you want your XPages applications to perform more efficiently, or if you’ve ever struggled with executing server-side JavaScript from client-side JavaScript (or taken it a step further and plotted hacktastic workarounds for passing information back and forth), then you need to get to know JSON-RPC. Compared to workarounds that involve partial refreshes, JSON-RPC is a much cleaner method of client and server code interaction and is much more efficient because there is no form submission. JSON-RPC is also asynchronous, so it’s faster and appears more responsive because it doesn’t block user interaction. In this article, get an introduction to JSON-RPC and learn how to reap the benefits in your XPages applications.



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