XPages Tip: Component API Documentation

I’m sure you’ve seen the standard XPages Reference that’s part of the Domino Designer help, but you may not be aware that there’s also API documentation for XPages controls that’s available. It’s documentation of the API for the underlying Java classes and it can be very useful in letting you know what methods are available for each component.

Here’s an example for an Input Text control. At the top of the page, you can see the class hierarchy that leads to the component.


This gives you the ability to also find methods that are available to higher-level classes from which this component inherits.

You can scroll down to see a summary of the methods available.


If you scroll further, you can get a more detailed description of the methods.


It can be helpful to peruse the list — you may come up with ideas to work with the component in ways that you didn’t realize were available because there isn’t a built-in property in the UI!

The API for standard components (9.0.1) can be found in the XPages Components documentation. Do yourself a favor and keep the link handy — it’s not exactly easy to find.

In addition to the XPages component documentation, you can also go up a level in the API and see documentation for many more classes in the runtime (9.0.1).

I had a bookmark for the same info but with a much nicer interface on the OpenNTF site, but it is no longer valid. That included the API for all xp and xe components in on place and was an excellent reference. The documentation comes with the extension library (under \Docs\ExtLib\XPages-Doc\control.html), though, so make use of it if you have that available. If you have a link to this online — please let me know and I’ll update this post.

Update: Many thanks for a quick response from Per Lausten — the link for the controls documentation on OpenNTF has been restored!



5 responses to “XPages Tip: Component API Documentation”

  1. Maire Kehoe says :

    FYI, that link is to the 8.5.3 JavaDocs, where the main article is at:
    Domino Designer Extensibility APIs Javadoc 8.5.3

    You may also want to reference the 9.0.1 JavaDocs, where the article is:
    Domino Designer & XPages Extensibility APIs Javadoc 9.0.1
    which links to the JavaDocs at:

  2. Howard Greenberg says :

    The OpenNTF link is broken.

  3. Paul Withers (@PaulSWithers) says :

    The documentation has been updated and moved to the XPages Knowledge Base and I’ll make sure it’s kep up-to-date https://wiki.openntf.org/display/GEN/XPages+Components+and+Complex+Types+JavaDoc+Documentation

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