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Speaking at Connect

At Connect next week, I’ll be co-presenting two Best Practices sessions, one on grids in XPages with Paul Calhoun and the other on web apps and IBM Digital Experience with John Head.

AD-1207: The Grid, the Brad, and The Ugly: Using Grids to Improve Your Applications

Tuesday @ 5:15pm

Do you want better features, better performance, and a better UI in your XPages applications? Then display your data in grids instead of built-in controls. In this session, Paul and Brad will demonstrate why grids are a significant improvement in general and cover why one size does not fit all. They will review the features of commonly-used JavaScript grid frameworks (including Dojo, jQuery, Kendo UI, and Sencha) in order to help you determine which is the best fit for your applications.


AD-1539: Bringing Your Web Apps to IBM Digital Experience

Tuesay @ 10:45am

For too long, WebSphere portal has been seen as the realm of the back end developer with specialized Java skills. This has been a barrier to entry to the IBM Domino community. IBM has transformed the product to the IBM Digital Experience platform – and it’s not just a name change! With the inclusion of the Script Portlet & IBM Portal on Cloud option, it’s time to look again. We will show you how to integrate your XPages applications, Bluemix and even Microsoft SharePoint. We will show content re-purpose without migration. If you are looking for a single point of integration for all your apps, this session is for you!


Hope to see you there!


Domino Designer Tip – RegEx Searching for a String with Single or Double Quotes

If you’re looking for a string value in code throughout your application, it can sometimes be frustrating to weed through extraneous results. If you know the exact string, you can make the search more efficient by including the quotes in the search. However, if you’re working on someone else’s (because you would never do that) application where there’s inconsistent usage of single and double quotes throughout the code, you either have to search twice or you may miss some results. In this post, I’ll show how to do a single search to find all instances in single or double quotes.


Here’s a bad example that I can easily use as a straw man to illustrate the point.

I created an empty NSF and added two script libraries.

One has this line:
var x = 'doc';

The other has this line:
var x = "doc";

A search for doc (without quotes) brings back 13 results because it’s part of a bunch of words. And this is in an otherwise empty NSF.


In order to narrow the results, I can limit the search by wrapping the search term in quotes to find only instances of the full string. In this example, I searched for "doc"


This search only found the instance that used double quotes, but it misses the other instance in single quotes.

RegEx to the Rescue

Fortunately, Eclipse search can handle regular expressions. (H/T to Jessie Gallagher for that tip awhile back.)

Just check the ‘Regular expression’ box and use regex syntax for finding one of multiple characters (square brackets) to build a search string that will find the value with either single or double quotes.



And now I get the results I was looking for, including the term in both single and double quotes.


Note: If you only know part of the term, you can use wildcards or just include the quote search on one end of the term.

Time Flies

For a couple of years, I was in the habit of blogging very regularly because I enjoyed the writing outlet, the challenge of learning new things, and the feedback and discussion of other ways to solve similar problems. It was a great way to start getting to know a lot of great people in the Yellowverse. (A little healthy competition with Mark Roden and Kathy Brown certainly didn’t hurt.)

But life has gotten extremely busy (as it is wont to do with a large family) and the time just hasn’t been there to keep it up. Time has passed so quickly that I haven’t even kept up with Twitter or reading blogs.

Now that the schedule is back into a groove after the holidays — and with Connect quickly approaching — I’m itching to plug back in and get back to contributing to the community.

The good news is that the ideas haven’t stopped flowing. I’m still working with the great (and growing!) team of XPages/Web developers (and Marky) at PSC and have continued to enjoy interesting and challenging projects that have provided lots of interesting problems to solve. Every time I’ve come across something that might be good fodder for a post, I made note of it so I wouldn’t forget. While recently organizing my workspace, I went through somewhere north of 50 sticky notes all over my screens and desk and consolidated them into a document full of potential blog topics.


So, here we go again! I’m breaking the ice, hitting the reset button, getting back in the saddle, and giving it 110%. With apologies to LL Cool J, don’t call it a comeback.