Time Flies

For a couple of years, I was in the habit of blogging very regularly because I enjoyed the writing outlet, the challenge of learning new things, and the feedback and discussion of other ways to solve similar problems. It was a great way to start getting to know a lot of great people in the Yellowverse. (A little healthy competition with Mark Roden and Kathy Brown certainly didn’t hurt.)

But life has gotten extremely busy (as it is wont to do with a large family) and the time just hasn’t been there to keep it up. Time has passed so quickly that I haven’t even kept up with Twitter or reading blogs.

Now that the schedule is back into a groove after the holidays — and with Connect quickly approaching — I’m itching to plug back in and get back to contributing to the community.

The good news is that the ideas haven’t stopped flowing. I’m still working with the great (and growing!) team of XPages/Web developers (and Marky) at PSC and have continued to enjoy interesting and challenging projects that have provided lots of interesting problems to solve. Every time I’ve come across something that might be good fodder for a post, I made note of it so I wouldn’t forget. While recently organizing my workspace, I went through somewhere north of 50 sticky notes all over my screens and desk and consolidated them into a document full of potential blog topics.


So, here we go again! I’m breaking the ice, hitting the reset button, getting back in the saddle, and giving it 110%. With apologies to LL Cool J, don’t call it a comeback.


2 responses to “Time Flies”

  1. Bryan Schmiedeler says :

    This is great news, your post are always helpful and informative!

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