About Brad Balassaitis

I’ve been developing with Lotus Notes since 1996.  I love how the platform has evolved over time and I’ve had the ability to learn lots of new technologies (html, xml, javascript, dojo, java, web services, mobile, and, of course XPages)  and use them all to still rapidly build applications.

Some of my favorite projects have included:

  • Working on an XPages application designed for iPad for an electronics manufacturer
  • Building a tablet-based inspection application for a custom home builder
  • Working an an application to help manage charitable volunteer activities for IBM
  • Helping out with the first online college courses (built with Notes 4.5!)

My work experience has primarily been as a consultant, but I’ve worked for a wide range of companies — everywhere from a 2-person partnership to behemoths like IBM, JP Morgan Chase, and Vanguard.  Most recently, I’ve worked with the amazingly talented teams at GBS and PSC, which has really helped challenge me to take my skill set to the next level.

I’ve been doing primarily XPages development for the past 3 years. I learned so much from many of the great blogs that are out there, so I’m looking forward to contributing back to the community to help others along in the same way.


8 responses to “About Brad Balassaitis”

  1. Bryan Schmiedeler says :


    I could not find your contact, so I am hoping you will see this here. Question:

    I have written a pretty straightforward REST service in Domino 9.0.1. I have a view with about 160K records, each record has about 10 field, and the first field is the key.

    From time to time I need to make a change to the service, and when I remake the web service call (from the url in my web browser for instance), the data doesn’t necessarily change. It seems it is cached on the there server. I believe it is a server issue as I still get the same results even if I switch to another browser. Sometimes I will change my parm and I get DATA FOR THE PREVIOUS PARM I ENTERED. This is terrible.

    How can I reset the web service or flush the cache?

    • Brad Balassaitis says :

      I haven’t dealt with this so I don’t know for sure. I remember in older Domino apps where caching was an issue, I’d append a time-sensitive parameter to the URL to try to get the server to see it as a new request and not pull from the cache.

      tags that set caching values may also help.

      Otherwise, I would suggest posting on StackOverflow to see if anyone else has ideas.

  2. andrewmagerman says :

    Dear Brad,

    I just saw your demos about the Data View element; I’m an XPages noob and don’t seem to be able to drag my newly minted custom control onto the ‘detail’ little facet – I was hoping to sneak into your demo database and have a look at how you did it, but alas! I found it nowhere. Would you consider publishing it?

    • Brad Balassaitis says :

      There are some quirks where drag and drop doesn’t leave components where you think, but you can always change it in the source view of the page.

      If you’d like to your e-mail address via direct message on Twitter, I can send you the database.

  3. Claudio Mazzola says :

    Hi Brad
    new in Xpages and I need help about use Data Grid(DG) or Dojo Data Grid(DDG).

    How can I use “filters” using a Read/Write/Input DDG/DG whitin an XPages Form?


    I have input Field in Xpages Form(1)


    and in the same Form(1) have

    DDG/DG whith field’s

    Article (array field) combo box
    ArticleType (array field) text
    Location (array field) text

    The field’s in the DDG/DG belong to the same form, then, How can I use “filters” using a Read/Write/Input DDG/DG whitin an XPages Form, to only return the data that NumberCase and not that of all documents ?

    Brad could give me a help? Thank you

  4. yunus says :

    hi, very useful site. thank you

  5. Graeme says :

    Hi Brad,

    I enjoyed your presentation with Paul on grid technologies and wondered if it would be possible to speak with you about this and also about some consulting work (if you are interested in that area).



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