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Presenting at ATLUG on 5/16

I will be delivering a session on XPages development at the ATLUG meeting on 5/16. The topic is: Presenting Data Effectively in XPages.

Here’s the abstract:

A critical feature of any application is the organization and display of the data. In the Lotus Notes client, data views generally all look the same, but when designing an application for the web, users expect more and XPages delivers!

In this session, we will review many options for displaying data. We will cover core controls (including the View Panel and Repeat Control), Extension Library Controls (including the Data View and Dojo Data Grid), and even a third party option. After taking a look at each control’s features and drawbacks, you’ll be armed to make the best decisions for displaying data in your applications.

Darren Duke will also be presenting on securing Traveler, so there’s a good variety of content for both admins and developers

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I hope to see you there!

Lunch will be provided by IBM. Due to IBM security you need to reply if you are planning to attend the meeting.

Please reply to no later than early morning, Tuesday, May 14, 2013.