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Slide Deck from BP105: Take Your XPages Development to the Next Level

The slides from the session that Paul Calhoun and I delivered at IBM ConnectED 2015 are now available on SlideShare.

This intermediate-level session is for anyone who has a little bit of XPages experience. In the session, we dug deeper into a number of features that are built into XPages and can help improve application responsiveness, streamline design with code reuse, and take more control over the output that is generated by XPages controls.

There was way too much content to fit into a single session, but the slide deck includes all of the extra material that was prepared.


  1. Application Responsiveness
  2. SSJS
  3. Modifying Component Output
  4. Java
  5. Custom Controls
  6. Debugging Tips
  7. Event Handlers
  8. Dojo

ConnectED Session BP105: Take Your XPages Development to the Next Level

There are so many great features of XPages that it’s hard to keep up with them all! If you’ve built a few applications, then you’re ready to take your development to the next level.

This is not a beginner class, it will build on the knowledge you already have and cover a wide range of great features that are built into the platform but not as widely known.

We’ll take a look at features that can help you improve application performance, take control of the HTML output, enhance your use of event handlers, and much more, with the use of properties, JavaScript, SSJS, and Java.

In this rapid-fire session, Paul Calhoun and I will cram in as many tips as we can so you can walk away with techniques you can use immediately to improve your applications — all with features already built into XPages.

We look forward to seeing you at ConnectED 2015!