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XPages Tip: Edit an XPage that won’t open normally in Domino Designer

If playing around with the source of an XPage or Custom Control messes it up so badly that you can’t even edit it anymore, here’s a trick to be able to fix it.

See, I have this, um, friend — yeah, that’s it — and <cough>he</cough> really messed up an XPage by moving things around in the source to try to shove event handlers in places they weren’t meant to be. He told me that it messed up his custom controls so badly that they wouldn’t even open. A tab for the XSP Editor would start to display in DDE, but the control wouldn’t even open — the system would hang until it crashed.

Who (else?) would do something like that?

Fortunately, he told me that he found a way to fix it.

If you mess something up so badly that the XSP Editor can’t even render it without crashing, try opening it with a different editor.

Open the database in the Package Explorer view, locate the element and right-click on it, then select Open With > (XML Editor or Text Editor)


My friend was able to use this to remove the offending tags and restore the controls to a point where they could be edited in DDE.

Thank you for listening. My friend feels better now.