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Article Published in The VIEW: Streamline Deployment and Improve Usability of Editable View Columns in XPages with a Flexible Custom Control

My article on enhancing editable view columns has been published in The VIEW (subscription required). This article builds on the concepts introduced in the first part and shows how to create a reusable custom control that handles several data types and also provides an ‘undo’ feature for each edited value. These enhancements make it much easier to deploy editable columns in multiple places while only requiring one implementation of the logic.


The first article of this series showed how to build editable columns, a feature that makes application usage more efficient for your users. This article will show not only how to enhance that functionality, but also to make the deployment and usage of editable columns much more efficient for you as the developer.

The following enhancements will be added:

  • Improve usability by providing a failsafe and giving the user the option to revert
  • Trigger the field update automatically when the user leaves the field
  • Create an editable column custom control to provide easy implementation and reuse
  • Handle multiple data types in order to further facilitate reuse

Article Published in The View: Implementing Editable View Columns in XPages

If you have a subscription to The View, please check out my first article, which was just published today:

The article is about how to add editable columns to your XPages view panels, similar to the InViewEdit event in the Notes client.