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XPages Tip: EL Statements Do Not Work in JavaScript Library Functions

You may already be aware that you can use Expression Language (EL) to evaluate information on the server into client-side JavaScript code. However, this does not work in a library function. This post explains how modularize your code and still use EL to read server-side information into client-side JavaScript.

Here’s how it usually plays out:

  1. You realize that you need to access the value of an xp:inputText control in client-side JavaScript and use EL syntax in button code to retrieve that value. It works well.
  2. You decide that you’re going to be a good developer and modularize your code for reuse, so you move it to a script library.
  3. The code fails at the point where it tries to evaluate the EL statement.
  4. <facepalm>
  5. You update the library function to accept values evaluated with EL on the page to make it work properly.

An Example

Here’s a page with an xp:inputText (inputText1) and an xp:button to display the value.

alert('Value: ' + dojo.byId('#{id:inputText1}').value);


This works because #{id:inputText1} is evaluated on the server and it returns the actual client-side ID for that element and passes it into the client-side javascript code on the button.

When the page is rendered, it generates this function (and then uses dojo to attach it to the button):

function view__id1__id4_clientSide_onclick(thisEvent) {
  alert('Value: ' + dojo.byId('view:_id1:inputText1').value);

Notice that there’s a fully-fleshed out ID where I previously had an EL statement.

If I want to use that code more than once, I’d want to move it to a script library function:

function displayFieldValue() {
  alert('Value: ' + dojo.byId('#{id:inputText1}').value);

But when I try it, it doesn’t work. Nothing happens in the UI, but there’s an error that I can see in Firebug:


The error says that it couldn’t find the field so I can display the value. This is because EL statements do not evaluate in script library functions. They only evaluate in code that is on the page.


There is a middle ground, though. If you have code that you want to re-use, you can still move it to a script library — you just have to evaluate EL statements on the page and pass them into the library function.

In this same example, change the library function as shown:

function displayFieldValue(fieldID) {
  alert('Value: ' + dojo.byId(fieldID).value);

Then call it from the button like this:


And now it works!