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MWLUG Slides – AD114 Take Your XPages Development to the Next Level

In this session at MWLUG 2015, Paul Calhoun and I dug into a number of features already available in XPages, but not as widely used.

We only had time to cover half of the sections, but the full set of slides is available here

Topics include:

  1. Application Responsiveness (primarily JSON RPC)
  2. SSJS Tips
  3. Modifying Component output
  4. Java Tips
  5. Custom Controls (including dynamic field binding to make reusable fields)
  6. Resources for learning more
  7. Debugging Tips
  8. Event handlers
  9. Dojo

Looking Back at MWLUG

Check out my recap of MWLUG on and add your memories!

Looking Forward to MWLUG

MWLUG is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to presenting two sessions on XPages development.

AD104: Living on the Grid – Unlock the Power of Dojo Data Grids

I’ll cover how to create a grid with the Dojo Data Grid control and take a look at the key features of the grid and grid columns. I’ll show how to convert it to an EnhancedGrid and add enhanced plugins for even greater functionality. Finally, I’ll demonstrate how to categorize grid data.

AD102: Just the Facets Ma’am

There’s a lot of great content in this demo-packed session that I’ll have the pleasure of co-presenting this session with Paul Della-Nebbia.

We’ll talk all about facets, including how you’re already using them in existing controls and how you can add them to your own custom controls. We’ll talk about some create controls that make heavy use of facets for customization. Last, but not least, we’ll talk about the important differences between the Switch Facet and Dynamic Content controls.

Hope to see you there.