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Dojo Data Grids – Sample Database on OpenNTF

I’ve added a demo database with 14 dojo grid samples to OpenNTF.

The application includes 14 demo grids that implement several features and variations of Dojo Data Grids in XPages.

  1. Basic Features
  2. Sorting – Only allow even-numbered columns to sort
  3. Opening Documents
  4. Full-Text Search
  5. Field-Specific Search
  6. Editable Columns – Including highlighting edited rows
  7. HTML and Icon Columns
  8. Enhanced Grid with Drag and Drop plugin
  9. Enhanced Grid with Filter plugin
  10. Enhanced Grid with Print plugin
  11. Enhanced Grid with Export plugin
  12. Enhanced Grid with Context Menu plugin
  13. Categorized Tree Grid
  14. Categorized Tree Grid with Totals