dGrowl in XPages


dGrowl is a Dojo plugin that provides growl-style messages for web applications.

Here’s a page in my demo application where you can see it in action.

NotesIn9 episode 147 demonstrates how to implement the dGrowl plugin to add growl-style messages to an XPages application. This provides a nice UI for a different style of message to display to the user and it allows you to set an automatic timeout or display the message until the user closes it. More importantly, the demo shows how to incorporate a Dojo plugin into an XPages application.

The plugin comes with two message styles: info and error. This post shows how to enhance it to add success and warning styles. Since it’s a Dojo plugin, messages are added with client-side JavaScript.

This post shows how to post a dGrowl message from server-side JavaScript.


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